“The Cat in the Hat’s Learning Library™ books introduce beginning readers to important basic concepts about the world we live in… shows young readers that books can be entertaining and educational at the same time. This is a wonderful series!”

Barbara Kiefer, Ph.D., Charlotte S. Huck Professor of Children’s Literature, Ohio State University

What people are saying about
The Cat in the Hat's Learning Library™:

"The Cat in the Hat’s Learning Library™ helped my kids to learn about science and nature, even before they went into kindergarten."

Amanda J., Mother of 4

"Kids want to know why something works, why something happens, and these books explain it easily, simply, and they want to hear it over and over again."

Andrea P., Mother of 2

"My grandson loves The Cat in the Hat’s Learning Library™ dinosaur book. He learns to say the names all by himself. Ang-kih-luh-saw-rus!"

Lisa K., Grandmother

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